Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you do not see your question answered here, please feel free to email us using the Contact Us form.

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Which items can be shipped to Tanzania?

UTSS does not accept items for shipping to Tanzania because of the high cost of shipping and receiving the goods, and because it is more helpful to the people of Tanzania to support the local economy there. Thank you!
The very best gift you can give to people with albinism in Tanzania is the gift of your support by donating to the work of Under the Same Sun. 100% of your gifts go directly to the education and advocacy work we do to help make life better for those you wish to help.

Is Under The Same Sun a "legitimate" charity and are my donations being used honestly?

Under The Same Sun is a Canadian federally-registered charity (B/N 85159 9860 RR0001) in accordance with rigorous standards and requirements of The Income Tax Act of Canada. For our U.S. donors we are also a 501(c)(3) exempt organization (EIN 68-0680719).

UTSS is registered and recognized under The Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 2002 of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Because UTSS has a committed benefactor who covers all our administrative costs, 100% of your gifts always go directly to assist people with albinism in Tanzania. Under The Same Sun is recognized by Intelligent Philanthropy for its commitment to transparency (you can view that report here). UTSS’s Tanzanian accounting books are audited independently.

How do I send monetary donations to UTSS?

Thank you for joining in the mission to end the often deadly discrimination against people with albinism in Tanzania and Africa. Under The Same Sun accepts credit card donations through our website: Click here to donate securely onlineYou may donate by cheque, payable to Under The Same Sun which can be mailed in US or CDN dollars to: Suite #200, 15127 – 100th Avenue, Surrey, BC CANADA, V3R 0N9.

Please consider becoming a montly donor. Monthly donors are vital to the wellbeing of the children we serve. As a monthly donor you help girls and boys with albinism get an education and build a bright and strong future.

How can I do a fundraiser for UTSS?

Thank you! A fundraiser is a great way to raise awareness, do advocacy and provide support to people with albinism all at the same time. Visit our Do a Fundraiser page for lots of ideas and all that you need to get started.

How do I contact schools in Tanzania?

Under The Same Sun works with several schools all over Tanzania, making sure that children with albinism receive a high quality education in a safe location. Their security is our number one priority. We do not provide mailing addresses for the schools.

Your donations assist many girls and boys with albinism and are not directed at any particular child. Contacting individual children is not possible. To find out how the children you help support are doing, you can read the many good stories of individual impact on our website, and sign up for our e-mail updates.

How do I adopt a child with albinism from Tanzania?

Under The Same Sun is not involved in adoptions. We cannot offer any advice or information on this subject, but we can offer you an invitation to become a regular, monthly donor. As a monthly donor you help many children with albinism in Tanzania have a healthy and promising future.

Can I write to and be a pen-pal with adults/children with albinism in Tanzania?

Thank you for your concern and desire to reach out, but due to security concerns, we are not able to release the contact details of individual persons with albinism in Tanzania. You can read the many good stories of individual hope and impact on this website, and sign up for our e-mail updates.

Can I sponsor an individual child with albinism in Tanzania?

100% of the donations made to UTSS go directly to support education and advocacy programs for people with albinism in Tanzania. We believe this is the most effective and impactful way of carrying out this important work.

Due to the urgency of the situation as well as security precautions, we are not able to assign donors to a student with whom they can be in personal contact. Their identity and location are frequently hidden to prevent further risk.

How can I get involved (partner/volunteer) with UTSS?

Thank you. Although UTSS does not have an official volunteer program, there are many ways to get involved with UTSS. The best way to further our mission of ending the often deadly discrimination against people with albinism in Tanzania and beyond is to become a regular donor. 100% of your donation goes directly to the education and advocacy work that will change the lives of girls and boys with albinism in Tanzania.

You can also host an information night and/or fundraiser either online or in your community to help spread awareness about this essential work. Please like our facebook page and share postings that will help inform your online community too. For more ideas click here.

How can I get an internship experience with UTSS?

Thank you for your interest. Our internship program is an extension of our education program (EP) in Tanzania. Once students with albinism in our EP graduate from college or university, we offer a very limited number of internship placements in our Tanzania office. This is to assist our graduates to gain work experience and skills so they can successfully transition into the workplace in Tanzania.

If you are doing research on people with albinism in Tanzania and Africa, you might be interested in the many resources we offer on our website under UTSS Resources and Academic Articles pages.

How can I get financial sponsorship from UTSS?

We are not able to sponsor NGOs, artists, athletes or other professional or personal causes. While we deeply value the contributions of these groups, and applaud their efforts and occasionally partner with them in a common cause, we are not in a position to offer financial support.

How can I get education sponsorship from UTSS?

Education Scholarship Funding is only available to persons with albinism in Tanzania. If you are a person with albinism living in Tanzania and are interested in being sponsored for education, please Contact Us from this website and we will forward your request to our office in Dar es Salaam.

All the resources and efforts of UTSS are focused in Tanzania itself, due to the severity of the crisis that exists there. At this time there are over 300 Education Program (EP) students, all of whom are persons with albinism in Tanzania.

How can I get sunscreen from UTSS?

We do not ship sunscreen to individuals or groups. Our sunscreen supply is very limited and only available in Tanzania to persons with albinism who are enrolled in our Education Program. If our supply allows, we also try to distribute sunscreen to people with albinism who visit our office in Dar es Salaam.

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