Thanks to our generous supporters, we have been able to protect and empower hundreds of people with albinism in Tanzania and across Africa.

Building a Brighter Future

Since 2008, over 400 students with albinism have been cared for, protected and empowered through education. Our students are also provided with health care – particularly for their skin, low-vision, and injuries from attacks.

Our advocacy and public awareness campaigns have reached millions of people in Tanzania, spreading the truth about albinism and condemning attacks. As of 2021, we have expanded our impact across other African countries by leading the administration of the first and only albinism movement through the African Albinism Network.

2022 Impacts

Through the generosity, kindness and encouragement of our community, we continued to fight for a brighter future for people with albinism. Here are just a few of the impacts that our supporters help make happen in 2022:


Students with albinism

cared for, protected, and given access to high-quality education


Children with albinism

safely reunited with their families and are now able to visit during holidays


Survivors of attacks

supported in getting prosthetics and the necessary surgeries



supported in developing their National Action Plan efforts

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