Our Advocacy and Public Awareness program educates people on the truths about albinism and fights for the inclusive human rights of people with albinism.


our approach

Under The Same Sun engages in public education about albinism and promotes human rights practices that are inclusive of persons with albinism. We work to empower people with albinism through an education-based strategy.

Education breaks the cycle of injustice, poverty and marginalization. Education becomes advocacy as educated persons with albinism, seen in normal functions in all levels of society, become their own greatest ambassadors for change.


a model for growth

UTSS has conducted wide-spread public advocacy campaigns in Tanzania for more than a decade including everything from holding Understanding Albinism seminars in villages and schools, to running TV and radio programs, to working with community leaders and government officials to protect and include people with albinism in the society. Many people now know the truths about albinism and attacks and killings have gone down. What’s more, a growing number of graduates with albinism from the UTSS Education Program are taking their places in society as teachers, social workers, business people, lawyers and more. They are the new generation of advocates in the country.


expanding our reach

While reported cases of attacks and killings in Tanzania have decreased dramatically, they are sadly on the rise in other African countries. To meet this need, UTSS has begun expanding its advocacy program across Africa. The success that we have achieved in Tanzania is proof that our advocacy model works. There is still much work to be done.

International Advocacy

UTSS has been active at the U.N., the African Union and in the international media to bring awareness and attention to the human rights issues facing people with albinism. Everywhere we go, we promote practices that seek to protect and include people with albinism.

Be it awareness-raising in a small community or speaking at the African Union, UTSS always has the same message. People with albinism are just like everyone else with two simple differences: low vision and the lack of pigment (color) in their skin, hair and eyes. They deserve the same rights and opportunities as every person.

What We’ve Acheived So Far

Consultative Status

UTSS enjoys consultative status at the United Nations and makes regular presentations to U.N. mechanisms.

HRC Resolutions

The U.N. has issued 5 Human Rights Council Resolutions and the AU has issued 1, because of UTSS work.


The U.N. declared June 13th to be International Albinism Awareness Day in 2014.

Independent Expert

In 2015, the U.N. created the position of Independent Expert on Albinism.

Human Rights Data

UTSS is the main source for publishing international data on human rights violations against persons with albinism. This data is used by the U.N., advocates, and many others.

Pan-African Conference

UTSS hosted the 1st Pan-African Albinism Conference in 2015 with 29 African countries and 177 delegates participating.

International Media

UTSS regularly receives international media coverage, and has sparked the making of many films, documentaries and books about the issues surrounding albinism in Africa.

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The Africa Albinism Network (AAN)

working with albinism organizations in a growing number of African countries

Under the Same Sun is guiding the effort by providing technical support to get action from governments, advocate for justice for victims of attack, and to implement protection measures for people with albinism.

These protection measures include:

  • Public education on albinism to reduce discrimination, stigma, and attacks
  • Supporting access to education for people with albinism
  • Working with victims of attack to provide medical and other rehabilitation
  • Working with governments to develop action plans on albinism with funding

Our ultimate goal is to see action plans implemented in all 29 African countries with records of attacks so that people with albinism are protected in the short, medium and long term.

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