Education & Career Program

“Education is our greatest ‘weapon’ against discrimination and our most powerful source of advocating a culture towards change.”

Advocacy Through Education

In Tanzania, Under The Same Sun works to empower people with albinism through access to education and career preparation so that they can reach their dreams.

Education breaks the cycle of injustice, poverty and marginalization. Education becomes advocacy as educated persons with albinism, seen in normal functions in all levels of society, become their own greatest ambassadors for change.

The Education and Career Program

opens a window to the world for students with albinism

Through education that leads to meaningful work, a person with albinism is able to navigate life and contribute to society just like everybody else.

The UTSS Education Program provides people with albinism access to a high–quality education in a safe, inclusive environment where their low-vision, health and other needs are also met. Through the Career Program, students and graduates are supported with career guidance, job search training and internship opportunities, so that they can take their place in society, in their chosen careers. 

Education Support

UTSS cares for disadvantaged students with albinism, placing them in select boarding schools, where they are protected, integrated, and provided with the tools they need to learn. 

The program is managed in partnership with a local organization, Village of Hope Mwanza, who has experience in supporting vulnerable children. Young people with albinism, with the help of our donors, can complete schooling from primary school to post-secondary.

Teachers, administrators, and fellow students learn to support students with albinism in their low vision needs and to take care in the sun. With simple understanding our students thrive among their peers. 

Career Placement

The skills and dreams of our grads are as unique and varied as they are. Through career placement support they learn how to make the transition from studies to career and independence. Skills they learn include CV writing and interview techniques, how to make a successful job search, advocating for themselves, and strong social and problem-solving skills.

Our graduates are finding their places in the world as lawyers, teachers, business people, medical professionals, artists, engineers, politicians and more. They are the face of a new generation of people with albinism in Tanzania- capable and successful contributors to society.

Ongoing Support

UTSS provides ongoing support in a multitude of ways to give students with albinism all the tools they need to succeed.

Low vision clinics and the supply of visual aids

Skin screening clinics, sunscreen and hat distributions, and skin cancer treatment

Support for victims of trauma like prosthetics, and counselling

Secure school environments and a safe place to go on holidays

Family reunification, holiday celebrations, and local community involvement

Summer Camp to make friends, share talents, learn life skills and have fun

Employer advocacy and partnerships to provide internship opportunities.

Understanding albinism seminars in schools and colleges to train teachers

What We’ve Achieved So Far

With the help of our donors, our students are excelling in school, our university grads are highly employable and we’ve been able to reunite many lost children with their families. Since 2010 we’ve had:

437 Students in the Program

145 Post-Secondary Grads

135 Vocational, Self-Employment and Career Placements

33 Successful Family Reunifications

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