Able to Dream – Specioza’s Story

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Specioza is a brilliant and courageous young woman with incredible dreams for her future.

Before Under the Same Sun, she grew up in fear of being attacked and she was often picked on and called names by her fellow students. Fortunately, her mother had an understanding on albinism and she did her best ensuring that Specioza and her brother were properly cared for, she made sure that their skin was protected to avoid sunburns and even consulted their teachers concerning their low vision. Though her mother did all that she could, Specioza longed for a chance to join a boarding school to feel safer from the killings and stigmatization she was facing.

Specioza joined Under the Same Sun in 2014 when she was 15 years old and has since excelled in her studies and developed a self-confidence like never before.  

Specioza shared: “Knowing that we are valued and care for has been enough for me. It has boosted my confidence and made me believe in myself, being in a community that shows love and affection has changed my perception in a tremendous way. I know that I’m capable of achieving the best and can be an example to others.”

Since graduating from secondary school, she is now embarking on another new beginning. She is starting University to study pharmaceuticals in pursuit of her dream to one day become a dermatologist.  

“I am very interested in skin. I want to know more about skin and more about albinism. I want to learn everything.” Specioza says.

Because of the support from the UTSS Education Program, Specioza was given a chance to start fresh. She now has dreams that will not only impact her own life, but others with albinism as well. 

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