2024 Q1 Newsletter

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As the warmth of spring fills the air, we’re excited to share a few highlights of Q1 with you. Thank you to all of our supporters who are helping to care for, protect, and empower students with albinism across Tanzania. Your support has made a real difference in the lives of our students with albinism, bringing hope and opportunity where it’s needed most.

Student Updates – Recognizing hard work, celebrating milestones, & equipping them for success

Primary Students: Recognizing the dedication and hard work of our primary school students, we celebrated the achievements of 20 outstanding scholars who excelled in their examinations. Through a thoughtful gesture of encouragement, we awarded them with special gifts and incentives to spur on their efforts and inspire other students to work hard as well.

Secondary Students: As graduation season approached, we stood by 20 high school students from various schools, celebrating their milestone achievements. Despite familial challenges, our team ensured they felt supported and cherished, presenting them with heartfelt gifts to commemorate their special day. Your support makes it possible for us to show-up for these important milestone moments, celebrate their achievements and progress, and encourage them to keep striving towards brighter futures.

College/University Students: With the transition of many of our students into higher education, we introduced Health Behavior Training for our college and university students for the first time. Covering various crucial topics, including stress management and relationship skills, the training provided valuable insights and support as our students navigate this new stage of life. We also facilitated individual consultations with a psychologist, offering personalized guidance and assistance.

Career Program – paving the way for future careers

Throughout Q1, we facilitated employability skills training for all third-year students, equipping them with essential job market knowledge and techniques to excel in their future careers. Additionally, our lobbying efforts resulted in a partnership with Mohamed Enterprises Group of Companies, providing valuable field attachment opportunities for our grantees. We’re also celebrating the advancements of our graduates: one individual secured employment as an Information Officer in a Government institution, while two others embarked on internships at Village of Hope, marking significant strides towards their professional growth and success.

Healthcare Initiatives – ensuring our students can thrive!

The journey of those with albinism is often marred by stigma and discrimination, compounded by health challenges unique to their condition. This quarter, we provided vital healthcare interventions, including hearing devices for 12 grantees and skin check-ups for all Lake Zone students, ensuring they thrive despite these obstacles.

Hearing Devices Distribution: Through collaborative efforts with healthcare professionals, we provided hearing devices to 12 grantees facing hearing challenges. These devices serve as a lifeline, allowing them to fully engage in their academic pursuits without the limitations imposed by their condition. Ensuring that our students are able to hear is even more critical as they also face low-vision associated with albinism.

Skin Check Ups: With the support of Standing Voice Tanzania, all 40 grantees from Lake Zone schools received comprehensive skin check-ups and were provided with sunscreen lotion. This proactive approach to skin health not only enhances their physical well-being but also promotes self-confidence and comfort in their own skin.

Community Engagement and Advocacy

Strength in Community: This past quarter we held a parent/guardian meeting. These sessions weren’t just gatherings – they were beacons of shared wisdom and solidarity. From discussions on Albinism awareness to parenting skills, these sessions fostered bonds and empowered caregivers to navigate the unique challenges faced by their children with confidence and resilience.

Spreading Understanding: In our commitment to fostering inclusivity and awareness, Understanding Albinism seminars were conducted across educational institutions. With your support, these enlightening sessions reached over 1,265 participants in Q1, bridging gaps in understanding and paving the way for a more compassionate and inclusive society.

Easter Break: During the Easter short break, our primary and secondary students embraced Peter’s 4th rule by taking time to unwind and have fun outside of school activities. This provided them with a much-needed opportunity to relax and enjoy recreational activities before returning for their second term.

Thank you!

None of these interventions would be possible without the kindness and generosity of supporters like yourself. Your support ensures we’re able to care for, protect, and empower students with albinism to strive for a brighter future.

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