2023 Q3 Newsletter

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We are so thrilled to share some of the incredible activities that took place between July-September of this year thanks to the kindness and generosity of our incredible community of supporters. From university applications to Summer Camp, this has been an eventful third quarter.

Thank you to all of our donors for helping to protect and empower these incredible students – because of you, they are able to thrive and dream of a brighter future free from discrimination and attacks.

University and College Applications
We are proud to report that 28 out of 33 students who received support in understanding the diverse academic programs and career prospects secured college and university placements during this quarter. The task was a resounding success, and we continue to support the five students waiting for the third window of application results.

Pre-college Training and Laptop Dispensing Program

This year, 31 laptops were distributed as part of the Laptop Distribution and Pre-College Training Program. In total, 31 laptops were given out: 19 for post-secondary students who were preparing for their first year in college and university, four to students attending middle college, and nine replacements for those that had received their laptop five years ago. 

The training took place from August 15 to September 15, where students received a training course delivered by the Open University of Tanzania. The training covered various aspects, including Office applications, Internet usage, and email management. Beyond computer skills, our students were enriched with knowledge on various topics, including university life, academic guidance, health education, and financial management. They even got to explore St. Augustine University, gaining insights into different aspects of university life.

An Incredible Summer Camp!

Summer Camp was the highlight of the quarter with 239 of our students and alumni in attendance for the weeklong experience. From life skills, and career classes to art, music, and sports, this was a week full of fun, learning, empowerment, and community building.


Career Program: 

In August, we provided a three-day Employability Skills Training to 23 students. The objective was to equip them with the skills and competence necessary for job hunting. This training aimed to prepare our beneficiaries for the job market and expose them to accurate information for placement opportunities both in the workforce and within their educational institutions.

Job searches and placements: Our dedicated team provided assistance with job searches and placement, resulting in three successful placements for our candidates. These placements include positions in a bank specializing in bank assurance and risk management, a project manager in a private organization, and a government role as a community development officer.

Celebrating Milestones:

Five standard seven students successfully completed their National examinations, and our staff members celebrated with them during their graduation, providing a joyous occasion for the children who did not have parents or relatives present. This graduation marked the end of their seven-year journey in primary school. Following their graduation, these five students continued on to sit for the secondary level entrance examination, taking a significant step towards joining form one in the upcoming year. Simultaneously, we also celebrated the graduation of our form four students, who had their ceremony ahead of their National examinations scheduled for November 2023.

Rewarding Exceptional Academic Performance:

Our academic performance policy continues to motivate and inspire students to excel. This quarter, 23 college and university students achieved first-class honors in their second semester, the highest possible score. In addition, five Form Six students who scored Division One in their National examinations embarked on a Zanzibar tour as part of their well-deserved reward. 

The primary goal of the tour was to motivate and inspire high-achieving students while encouraging their peers to excel academically. Throughout the tour, participants engaged in a range of activities to broaden their horizons and enhance their understanding of potential career paths.

They were able to learn about the local culture, tourism industry, and environmental conservation efforts, all while reflecting on the importance of dedication and hard work.

Thank you!
None of this would be possible without the help of our generous community! You can help protect, empower, and care for students with albinism by making a donation towards our programs today.

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