2023 Q1 Newsletter

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We’re so pleased to share some amazing highlights from our programs that have happened in the first quarter of 2023. Thanks to our generous community of supporters for helping to build a brighter future.

Primary Students: 
Many kids with albinism are abandoned by their families and we aim to show them that they are cared for and loved. Our Tanzania team shared this photo from one of their visiting days with primary students earlier this year. Our students were very happy as they got the chance to enjoy together like the other children who were visited by their parents.

Secondary School (Ordinary level and High School):
We celebrated 13 form four students who performed well in the national exams by taking them on a tour which included Tarangire National Park and other notable sites. This is just one of the ways we acknowledge their achievements and encourage them to continue working hard in their studies.

The team also attended graduation celebrations for students expecting to graduate high school. This was a happy time to join with them and celebrate together, especially since some of their parents and relatives did not attend.

College & University Students:

This semester, we coordinated our first ever online Zoom forum for all of our college and university students across Tanzania to connect and chat about life in college/university, their academic performance and welfare. For many, especially the first years, this was their first time using Zoom and a new learning experience.

Career Program:
So far 5 graduates secured work placements this year – 2 contract positions in hospitality, 1 permanent position as an assistant lecturer, and two internships at a non-profit. Additionally, 11 third-year university students received employability training to begin preparing them to enter the job market.

Health Care: 
4 students were able to travel to America to receive new prosthetics thanks to our partners at GMRF and Shriners Children’s Hospital. Many of our students have faced severe discrimination and attacks. Your support helps keep them protected and provides the support they need to heal, move forward and thrive.

Pan-Africa Advocacy:
As part of our Pan-African approach, the network we are leading hosted it’s inaugural forum in Tanzania this February. The forum brought together representatives from 31 albinism organizations across Africa and 15 international development partners. The aim was to develop the capacity of participants to mobilize resources and to advance and share strategies to advocate for the adoption of National Action Plans by their respective governments. We’ve already started to hear of the impact this forum has had on moving the needle in some countries!

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