Do a Fundraiser

Having a fundraiser is a great way to raise awareness, do advocacy and bring help to people with albinism in Tanzania all at the same time. What’s more, you are multiplying your impact to save lives and empower change. 100% of funds raised always go directly to programs.

Organizing a Fundraiser

It’s easy and feels good! Set a dollar goal, choose an activity, and involve your family and friends.

Check out some ideas and resources below.

  • Engage on social media – Start an online campaign on Facebook or Twitter
  • Host an event – Have a dessert event or film viewing party and ask for donations
  • Pledge your birthday – Instead of gifts, ask for donations.

Be creative!

Want an Easy, Safe Way to Fundraise Online?

Customize your own fundraising page on our secure online site. Everything is set up for you. And it’s quick and simple to add your own personal touches. 

Click the link and see how it works.

Create your own Fundraising Page!