Protect vulnerable children today

Protect vulnerable children today

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Julius survived a terrifying abduction at just five years old.

A relative of his mother’s tried to kidnap Julius right out of his own home in broad daylight. The kidnapper planned to bring Julius to a witch doctor - his body parts were promised to bring them good luck in a new mining venture. Thankfully, the abduction was thwarted by caring villagers who heard Julius scream.

You can keep children like Julius safe.

Your monthly gift of $15, $30 or even $60 will help Julius and the 260 other young children with albinism in our Education Program by providing a safe place to live and a life-changing education.

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As the newest student in Under the Same Sun’s Education Program, Julius is now safe from attackers.

In his new school, Julius will have access to high quality education, trauma counselling, medical services and a community of people who will protect, respect and empower him to reach his full potential.

Monthly giving is safe, easy and impactful. Plus 100% of your donations go directly to our Education Program. All administrative expenses are covered by a generous benefactor.

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UTSS Latest News

February 20th, 2018
Ikponwosa Ero named one of the 100 most influential Africans of 2017.
Ikponwosa Ero, UTSS staff member and UN Independent Expert on the Enjoyment of Human Rights by Persons with Albinism, has been named one of the 100 most influential Africans of 2017.
February 20th, 2018
Tanzanian children with albinism receive prosthetic limbs and a new lease on life.
ABC News reports on the journey of four children with albinism from Tanzania who recently travelled to the US to receive life changing prosthetic limbs.
November 28th, 2017
Zuwena's Children Face Unspeakable Danger
Learn how Understanding Albinism Seminars helped Zuwena's family.
November 16th, 2017
The Perils of Pale
Read National Geographic Magazine's in-depth coverage on the issues facing people with albinism in Tanzania.
October 30th, 2017
How your giving helps
Find out some of the ways your gifts make a difference.
October 26th, 2017
A quick update from UTSS
Read about three important events that we think will interest you.
October 26th, 2017
UTSS call for Tanzanian government to enact laws to provide strong punishment on attackers
Under the Same Sun country representative Vicky Ntetema said attacks on albinos were persisting due to lenient punishment against perpetrators.
October 26th, 2017
Unknown thugs chop off left hand of 75-year-old man with albinism
Mr. Nassor Mohammed, a 75 year old grandpa was attacked by unidentified thugs on Monday October 2, 2017.
October 26th, 2017
Tanzanian police arrest two for kidnapping child with albinism.
Tanzanian police have arrested a Tanzanian citizen and a Kenyan national for abducting a five-year old child with albinism in northern Tanzania’s district of Mwanga.
October 26th, 2017
Cop batters wife over birth of child with albinism
A police officer in Zimbabwe has been arrested following reports of domestic abuse stemming from the birth of a child with albinism.