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Newsletter May 2010

“It was the Best of Times – It was the Worst of Times.”

Our latest trip to Tanzania (April 14 – 26, 2010)

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania meets Indian Ocean

Recent Attacks
Click here for details from our recent Press Release

International Media Joins our Trip
Click here for details from our recent Press Release

UTSS Visits Victims

  • During each of our 5 trips to Tanzania we have had the humbling honour of making personal contacts with some of the people who have been ravaged by these inexplicable violations. Their stories are both terrifying and heart wrenching. The majority of attacks have taken place in the Lake Zone (around Lake Victoria). 
  • Every time there is an attack, our staff visits the family and documents the circumstances. Our media staff is creating a memorial website “lest we forget.”
  • On our most recent trip we visited with three families:
    • 33 year old Rukia and her 12 month old infant, Fatma who lived in a tiny hut outside of the perimeter of their village where they were far too vulnerable to attack.  They were savagely attacked on February 28, 2010 and sustained serious injuries.
    Rukia's hut
    Rukia and her 12 month old infant, Fatma
    • 41 year old farmer, Said Abdullah, whose ability to provide for himself has been severely compromised by the loss of his left forearm. We marveled at his strong and undaunted spirit.  He was attacked on February 8, 2010.

    Said Abdullah

    • The home of Esther & Charles, the parents of a 23 year old person with albinism named Jessica.  She went missing one day on her way home from church.  Her mutilated body was discovered 11 days later. Esther, Jessica’s mother, was unable to speak about this loss. Her wordless sighs and aching groans spoke louder than words as her husband related the horrific events of that day. He then took us to the grave where Jessica is buried beneath a heavy weight of concrete to prevent the killers from coming back to “exhume” her body for “more parts.”
    Jessica's Parents
    Jessica's Grave

UTSS Education Scholarship Fund (ESF)

  • We are delighted to announce that our first year target is to sponsor 201 students in Tanzania at an estimated total cost of $400,000.00 USD.  These scholarships will be awarded to applicants at all levels of education as follows:
    • 50 Lake Zone students will get access to primary boarding schools.
    • 100 students will gain access to secondary boarding schools.
    • 45 students will go to colleges, vocational training schools and uni­versities.
    • 5 students will be sponsored for Masters De­grees.
    • 1 student will be sponsored into a PhD degree.
  • Ways You Can Help UTSS-sponsored students
    • School and basic personal supplies for a primary or secondary student with albinism costs us $25.00 per month.
    • To fund a student in a high quality private primary boarding school costs approximately $80.00 per month, or $1,000.00 per year.
    • Any gift, even a one time gift of $10.00 makes a big difference. 
  • To help these students in need, click here

UTSS Documentary

  • Coming this fall, UTSS is releasing its own professionally produced educational documentary titled Black & White. This 60 minute feature documentary will be distributed throughout Tanzania at no cost. While our primary target group is the average Tanzanian, the documentary will be produced in English, Kiswahili & French for international distribution as well.
  • Our passion is to capture the hearts and minds of viewers everywhere, and to help Tanzanians have a more humane and dignified view of their fellow citizens with albinism.
  • In addition to capturing the human story - both the tragic and the beautiful - it also provides accurate information about the genetic condition. This is especially crucial in Tanzania where myths and misunderstandings about albinism are prevalent.

4 Well-Staffed Departments Created

Our UTSS Tanzania office has set up 4 well staffed departments to achieve its goals. The departments are:

Education Scholarship Fund (ESF)

  • Offers education grants (covering all education and health related expenses) to motivated students with albinism demonstrating a need for assistance.
  • As persons with albinism become educated, their sense of self and their status in society will rise, reducing the discrimination they presently face.

Advocacy and Public Awareness (APA):

  • Provides  public education on albinism,
  • Disseminates information on health,
  • Dispels existing myths which lead to discrimination, stigma and even justification of the macabre killings of persons with albinism.

Health, Education and Emergency (HEE):

  • Ensures that students who are accepted by the UTSS scholarship fund are provided with:
    • Health education
    • Low vision aids
    • Protective gear to minimize skin cancer
    • Emergency medical assistance

Media and International Affairs Department (MIAD):

  • Educates and advocates by collecting data on the plight of persons with albinism,
  • Informs and educates the public on discrimination against persons with albinism via TV, Radio and Newspaper spots,
  • Reports about the atrocities against persons with albinism,
  • Conducts research on the community of persons with albinism,
  • Assists domestic and international media organizations.

13 Full-Time Staff Employed

  • UTSS now employs 13 full time staff in the Tanzania office. We are proud to say that 8 are persons with albinism.
Staff Meeting, UTSS Tanzania
UTSS Tanzania Office (Exterior)

How You Can Help

  • Many of you have expressed interest in giving to UTSS.  We appreciate your support, prayer and encouragement, as we continue to act on behalf of persons with albinism and their crisis in Tanzania. We deeply believe these are God’s children. 


  • Click here to donate online now

  • Every dollar you give has the power to change the life of a person with albinism in Tanzania.  Every cent goes DIRECTLY to this work in Tanzania.  All administrative costs in Canada and Tanzania have been fully funded through other means.


Amidst this tragedy, the beauty of Tanzania



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